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Redirects and Malicious site warnings

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  • Redirects and Malicious site warnings

    Lately when I try to access APE I am getting redirected to other SPAMey sites, and when I go to APE in Opera or Chrome I get malicious site warnings.

    Anybody else seeing this?

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    10:00 CDT on the nose, I don't see anything today and I''m on the latest Chrome on a Win 7 Dell Studio.
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      I had it happen once about a month ago. Redirected to a porn site with a nice splash page, especially when my kid was sitting in my lap. Alt+Tab to the rescue again!


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        Hmmm, Im not sure how or what would cause this. However I will have my forum guy look into this. I have not seen any issues on my end using PC or Mac using various browsers. How does one even get this to happen?
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          Although I'm late in replying, I too was getting malicious site issues and being forwarded to spammy sites. This happened before the forum upgrade though, I'll keep my eyes peeled.
          BTW, the new forums are looking sweet!
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            yep we found the issue was in the old platform. Dated version of VB in connection with Tapatalk. Tapatalk was the problem as it proved very vulnerable.
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