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  • Howdyo

    Hello folks!

    I'm a long time lurker, recently returned to the hobby. The last tank that I had was a 10g with mineralized top soil that did reasonably well considering I half-baked the effort. This went along for a couple months until some hitchhikers on a plant from an LFS started multiplying exponentially.

    After a 2 year sabbatical, I've returned and have been studying any and all tidbit of information I can. My latest venture is a 37g using the EHS soil, my idea is to go with a South American/Amazon biotope. I am currently down to the last few pieces, CO2 regulator & LEDs. After that she'll be ready to fill and I will hopefully have some pictures shortly thereafter!

    In the meantime I'm sure I'll learn lots more, and hopefully to get to know you fine folks better!


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    Welcome back to the hobby and to the forum!
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      Welcome back!! And welcome to APE!
      The Planted Aquarium Blog


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        Hello again to all my estranged fellow hobbyists. It has been a good while. Happy New Years to all of you, including the past 4+ since my last appearance. I now hail from the land of the Amish. Which is a long way away from Tampa, my previous locale. And now that I find myself coming into time, space and extra monetary resources, I seek to again inject myself into this much needed meditation.

        Best Regards to the older and newer fellowes alike!



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          Wonderful to hear! Keep warm and we hope to see your new creations soon.
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            Yeah thats far from the coast for sure.

            Keep the dream alive!
            The Planted Aquarium Blog