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  • Back from Hiatus

    Okay APE people. I have been absent for the better part of 2 or 3 years as I went through my final year of school, a relocation, and a busy year and a half as a new veterinarian. I once had 3 aquariums going, i am now down to 1 and it is in disarray. I am at a point where I've considered giving up on the planted aquarium idea and going to cichlids. I would love to have a diverse planted aquarium again but I think I need some convincing and motivation first. Please help motivate me! 😀 Remind me just how rewarding and satisfying this hobby can be!
    - Rusty

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    It's more challenging than terrestrial gardening but unlike terrestrial gardening you don't have to worry about seasons and the view is always stunning. Cheaper than hiring gardeners, designers and landscapers, that's for sure and most importantly, you can't over water a planted tank.

    Look in the journals section and tell me, honestly, if you still aren't filled with jealousy and lust. Then tell me about the admiration for those scapes and their keepers.

    You make new friends everywhere you go.

    It impresses the snot out of non-hobbyists and employers. Imagine having an Amano level tank in the waiting room of your new practice. Wouldn't that be nice?
    "You are much better off with no numbers than meaningless ones. The minute you believe numbers uncritically, that is, without understanding how they're calculated and how well they measure whatever they're supposed to measure, you will generate a breed of employee who will produce numbers and not results. Your data-processing system will then serve not to describe reality but to lie about it."

    -Micheal S. Montalbano


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      Duh! Plant tanks are the way to go. Especially on a super huge tank. You can grow the huge species and watch them grow to full maturity. A cichlid tank is just a cichlid tank lol
      The Planted Aquarium Blog


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        Well so far I've started making strides to getting back up and running. Step#1, moved the aquarium to a part of the apartment that it will be seen, not out of sight, out of mind. Step#2, get new fauna. In the year or two of neglect, most of my fauna had died. I am currently looking for good aquarium shops in the Charlotte county vicinity. I have obtained 5 new harlequin rasboras but I am still looking for a good shop. Step#3, reassemble my custom lighting rig I built years ago for my high light tank. Step#4, got my CO2 refilled for the first time in a year and a half. I'm working my way back into this! I will probably wait until after the Christmas holidays to start obtaining plants
        - Rusty


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          AUVet14, I am in the same boat as you. I once had over 15+ tanks, 3 main planted aquariums and the rest were shrimp tanks. It's been about a good 3 years since I've had my hands wet. I got rid of the shrimp tanks, and put my planted tanks to storage. I will check regularly and see how you get back into it and hopefully so will I.