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  • BGA - 10g riparium

    Hi everyone!

    So I have a bad case of BGA (cyanobacteria) in my 10 g riparium:

    I was thinking of cleaning out the maximum I can. Then doing a blackout.

    Since its a riparium with a single betta I have the luxury of pulling out the single crypt in there. Then I can cover the aquarium while leaving the riparium plants their lights.

    I'm thinking the root cause of the BGA is the fact that I probly have two much light (two 23 Watts daylight CFL bulbs with industrial reflectors), not enough nutrients (root tabs in the riparium planters but nothing else ) and not enough current.

    In the future, after the mega clean up and black out, I think I will up the water change schedule and add a tiny bit of ferts on something like a weekly dose. I don't wanna add more water flow since I have a betta in there.

    What do you guys think ?

    Thaks in advance!
    So long, and thanks for all the fish!
    33 g from A to Z
    10 g riparium 20 gallon dirted tank

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    You've hit upon all the usual remedies but consider using them one at a time.

    I would go in this order:
    1. Test nitrates, adjust as necessary
    2. Increase flow
    3. Increase CO2 (if applicable)
    4. Change ferts
    5. Increase light
    6. Do a blackout
    7. Go nuclear as a last resort and use antibiotics.
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