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GLA Atomic inline diffuser not diffusing correctly

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  • GLA Atomic inline diffuser not diffusing correctly

    Hey guys,

    I've had this atomic inline diffuser for a year or so and although it works, there is definitely a problem with it. I noticed when shutting the filters flow large bubbles come out of the diffuser (see video below). So obviously it is not diffusing all the co2 correctly if full size bubbles are coming out.

    The tank is a Mini-M and I'm having to use ~2 bubbles per second to get my drop checker green. That is quite a bit for such a small tank. So i read a couple different methods for cleaning the inline diffusers. First, I soaked and filled the co2 chamber with H2O2 and then pushed the H2O2 out of the chamber with the co2 line. Hooked it all back up and still had big bubbles coming out. So I next tried the bleach soak suggestion from GLA. Still no success. The video is after trying both methods. Is there anything someone can suggest me trying next? I'm thinking there is a leak or hole in the ceramic....

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    Each time you treated, how long did you leave the diffuser soaking? Also, what pressure are you running it at?


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      I unhooked them and started the soak after lights out and hooked it all back up before lights on the next day, so maybe 15 hours each. The regulator pressure is around 38psi. I should also mention that the reg has always leaked co2 when the solenoid shuts off, about 1 bubble every 5 seconds. I don't really mind as it keeps the water partly saturated with co2 but this is wasting a lot combined with the faulty diffuser.


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        comparing the way your outputs with mine, yours definitely looks like it might have a pinhole if you've already given it the 1-2 punch cleaning it. My diffuser has a very fine mist, like a freshly poured beer(mmmmm) coming out of it. Did you buy this from GLA, or fleabay, some other vendor?


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          The diffuser and regulator are from GLA.

          GLA/Orlando- Have yall experienced this happening to other inline diffusers? What do yall suggest I do?