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    Originally posted by AquaZilla View Post
    Thats correct. Check out Johns video from his visit. Notice all plants are nice and dry, but humidity is typical florida 70-75+%

    Do you know if they're using Hydroponics or Aquaponics?
    Very lush plants!
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      All the plants are in net pots. The net pots sit in a puddle of reticulated water. All of the pots have a knot of potting soil inside the rock wool with some ferts. If you have ever ordered a potted aqua plant and you remove the rock wool you will see a rubber band and huge mud ball.

      They sit in a huge flood table, similar to hydroponics. No aquaponics at FAN.
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        A long overdue update which I forgot to get to when I was back home. Now that the plants have essentially become fully established you can see if you look closely that some of the older submerged leaves are starting to yellow.

        Not as much growth as I expected but growth nonetheless. Next update will come around mid May
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          Very impressive! They all look very healthy.
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            Leafy greens looking really good!
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