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My new Cryptocoryne and Laegenandra culture

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  • My new Cryptocoryne and Laegenandra culture

    Hey folks,

    *Planted 5/4/15
    *40x14x14 inch (estimated, not measured) plastic storage box
    *38 species of Cryptocoryne and Laegenandra. The complete list eludes me right now
    *Pots are pilfered plastic product jars with a 1/2" hole drilled on the side at the bottom with a bit of plastic mesh to keep the growing medium in the jar.
    *Growing medium is old Brightwell Aquatics FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe from the old 300 gallon
    *100% weekly water change with tank water. Currently adding 60ppm NO3 and 8ppm PO4 2x/week so the water's got plenty of goodies for the plants.
    *Light is sun only. The container gets a couple of hours of direct afternoon/evening sun and ambient light the rest of the day.
    *Top has 3x 1/2 inch holes evenly spaced for ventilation

    Thanks for watching!

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    Nice crypt collection I suspect season changes will promote flowering amongst the crypts. Even if not just by adding supplemental light at any point will ignite flowering, my favorite move to get crypts to flower is an easy adjustment to lighting.
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      Welcome back, Phil!

      That is pretty cool. It's been too long since I've seen a mention of Lagenandra.
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        These are new to me plants. Ghazanfar Ghori and Sean Murphy up in DC sent them to me last week. I just celebrated my 1st week with them on Monday and as such can't really claim much credit for that spathe.

        5.13.15 Update-

        Did a 100% water change and cleaning with the shop vac and replaced the water with 4 gallons from the 60gal. Removed dead or dying leaves and found my first ever C. zukalii spathe. Pretty happy with that one!

        Thanks for watching!