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PPS-Pro Dosing method

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    ...and that's the other bit you need to know.

    I have absolutely no qualms with any of those statements and in my defense, it works for me as is but every tank is different.
    "You are much better off with no numbers than meaningless ones. The minute you believe numbers uncritically, that is, without understanding how they're calculated and how well they measure whatever they're supposed to measure, you will generate a breed of employee who will produce numbers and not results. Your data-processing system will then serve not to describe reality but to lie about it."

    -Micheal S. Montalbano


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      If things start seeming like they are getting out of whack, you can always refer to PPS Classic and test kits to sort out where your deficiency is.
      As with all things in this hobby, there is no right or wrong way - it's really whatever works for you.

      Any dosing method requires a commitment to consistency.. I think it's really a general requirement for aquarium keeping as a whole.


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        I have much to learn about dosing... I'm confused as hell right. Now lol


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          Originally posted by jeromeit View Post
          I have much to learn about dosing... I'm confused as hell right. Now lol
          Don't complicate what doesn't need to be. Take a few moments and read up on some of the methods. There are two basic starting points for most, PPS and EI. From there, you can modify into your own program as you get used to the nutrients.

          PPS is a regimented dosing regime that requires a daily dosing. Its a "cleaner" method, but is strict and should be adhered to.

          EI is more about providing excess to avoid any deficiencies and attempted to dilute these excesses by doing water changes weekly (or whenever).

          Follow the dosing recommendation and procedure for either one of those and its that simple. Someone already has written out what to do, follow the instructions.

          Again, don't complicate what doesn't need to be.


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            Thanks for the added info plantkeeper. I have all my different ferts in their own 1000ml bottles. I have them all set to dose 15ml, and give the equivalent of the PPS-PRO guideline target. So with what you are saying, if anything became deficient, I would simply just need to dose slightly more of whatever it is I am seeking.

            The PPS system seems way more up my alley than the EI method was. I simply was not responsible enough and consistent on my weekly water changes, which eventually lead to me being dissatisfied with my results. Doing a quick dose in the morning before I head out to work is hardly that difficult either. It takes maybe 2 minutes to do from the time my fridge door opens to the time I am out the door.

            Another thing that made me interested in it was all the tanks I looked at that I absolutely loved, come to find out they were following the PPS guidelines, NOT EI. To me EI seems like more of a smaller tank approach where changing small amounts of water are easy. Or maybe I am just that lazy.


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              Gonna revive a dead thread here..

              Any folks out there who are dosing with PPS pro may want to have a read on the PPS site. It seems that the amount that was previously used for trace(in the spreadsheet, and on the site) has been reduced significantly due to evidence of trace element toxicity.

              I suggest anyone who is using this method to read this: