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  • 50 post to sell

    What is the reason behind needing 50 post to sell something in the market place?

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    O, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    We all understand that this forum is an extension of Green Leaf Aquariums or at least we hope that is clear to all our guests. Secondly, our Marketplace isn't viewed as being in competition with GLA, either. I feel these two points are important to mention up front.


    One of the things just about all of us have agreed upon at APE, is that we don't want to be a bazaar or an eternal garage sale. We feel this distracts too much from our mission which is to provide quality over quantity. We want to encourage exploration in aesthetics, improve our technical prowess and be free to discuss whatever we like with each other.

    Having a marketplace is an okay thing, I can think of no better source of plants & animals or an occasional deal on a bit of kit. But we don't want that to be what we're about.

    There are plenty of other well known planted tank sites out there that are much more comfortable with the idea of a marketplace and they aren't wrong, it's just that a strong marketplace isn't right for us. That's why we have such a requirement.

    In the spirit of that requirement, we'd love to see 50 meaningful essays from a newbie, or 50 beautiful pictures of his own tanks, or 50 meditations on the creek by her house, or 50 new ideas for improving tank management or a combination of all these things. We value content over commercialism.

    I hope this answers your question.
    "You are much better off with no numbers than meaningless ones. The minute you believe numbers uncritically, that is, without understanding how they're calculated and how well they measure whatever they're supposed to measure, you will generate a breed of employee who will produce numbers and not results. Your data-processing system will then serve not to describe reality but to lie about it."

    -Micheal S. Montalbano


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      Uka is correct. We did not want the classified section to be a magnet for people to join just to sell stuff on the board. It happens. People join strictly to sell stuff with the 1st post they make. If we allowed this every person under the planted tank sun would run over to sell stuff. Ideally we would like the board to be a useful informative tool for aquascaping and everything planted tank. 50 post is actually not a lot of post compared to other forums with much more strict guidelines. You also do not have to PAY $$ to sell on APE, its free. I dont think 50 meaningful post is to much.
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