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Anyone ever see this happen to plants overnight?

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    I use ada amazonia, and I do not do anything with my tap other than dose prime on water changes every now and then.

    When I started my tank my wallichi, Rotala butterfly and Rotala rotund.. All grew perfect and had incredible color/growth.

    I did not dose anything for the first several weeks to let the plants adjust etc and get rooted.

    My issues arise as soon as I started dosing ferts.

    So what I am currently doing is I have replaced my led from led back to my t5ho 2 39w bulbs again and I am already starting to see some new better growth on Rotala butterfly. Rotala wallichi is slowing growing but hard to tell just yet.

    I am dosing what it suggests for standard EI for a 20-40 gallon tank on the fert cups from gla.
    So I am trying to eliminate factors one at a time.

    So first was lighting, until I get a par meter it was hard dealing with my buildmyled.

    I will do half doses for my plantex as well


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      Something else to note is that I went over to my parents house where I am still growing all the Rotala and starting a farm of Monte Carlo. Anyway my parents had not filled up the tank so my outflow pipe was above the water line and all the new growth was twisted small and stunted, which is exactly like my tank gets so I'm assuming it could be all co2 related.

      My major concern here is that my co2 is so high by the end of my co2 period that my fish will die if i turn it up any higher?

      Usually have it on 2 hours before and an hour or so before the lights go off it will shut off.

      I know u guys have said put an air stone in the tank, but will that take away from the amount of co2 in the aquarium