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  • ROCKY 10 gallon

    Hi everyone !

    So I tore down my 10 gallon riparium recently. It was way too much of a jungle and the roots invaded the water space. It was still running fine and all the fish were happy. I just wanted a little change !


    I dirted the tank, put in a rocks and gravel hardscape and planted it!

    THe plants currently in there are Crypt Wendtii Green, Crypt Balansae, Crypt Parva, Sagittaria subulata, some floating ceratophyllum demersum to start it out and I added some frogbit from another tank to see if it sticks.

    Probably gonna put a single Betta in there.

    Pictures, its still a work in progress, the water level is low and there is no cover yet:

    First question of the year :

    Do you guys think my lighting is too far from the tank ? its two 100W CFL bulbs. Its the lighting from the riparium. I'm not sure if its enough at that height and I'm toying with the idea of moving them down a bit .... but that would leave holes in the wall ...hence the hesitation ..... Let me know what you think !!

    To be continued....
    So long, and thanks for all the fish!
    33 g from A to Z
    10 g riparium 20 gallon dirted tank

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    Nice peaceful layout. I assume you mean 100w equivalents? If you want to move them down, do it slowly until you just see a touch of algae.. and then back them off a little. Overall though, the subdued light look really works well for the current layout.